Shibu Prusty
Director & Cinematographer

 M: 91- 9967638504 / 9920610327, [email protected]


Professional Qualifications:

  Diploma in Cinematography (2000-03)

  Master in Journalism & Mass Communication .

- A National film Award winner for his film THE LORD OF THE UNIVERSE as best arts / cultural film, 

  being the Producer & Director he got two Rajat Kamal (silver Lotus) from the hon'able President of India.


   13 years of  experience in  Film, TV & Advt. Industry in Mumbai as follows.

TV Commercials:

  As Cinematographer

        ‘2 Much Gold’ Capsules                    Raj Laxmi Film Productions.

        ‘Madhuri smart cooking oil pack’       Raj Laxmi Film Productions.

        ‘RL masala’                                       Raj Laxmi Film Productions.

        'Coca Cola'                                        shot in HD

        X-pro, Fit O Fit, O tone                      Raj Laxmi Film Productions.

        Reliance Insurance                            shot in HD

        ‘WWS Products - Massager,Twister  Raj Laxmi Film Productions.

        Josina cough syrup of hamdard        Buchanan India.

        Nestea ice tea                                   Buchanan India.

        Women’s horlicks                              Buchanan India.

        Dabur lalima                                      Buchanan India.

        Boro plus Kids powder                       Buchanan India.

        Zandu Pancharist                              Buchanan India.

        Garnier shampoo n conditioner         Buchanan India.

        Lo’real hair fall control shampoo        Buchanan India.

        Mahindra Bollero                                Ad filmvalas.

        Mahindra 4x4 Thar                             Ad filmvalas.

        TATA indica car                                  Ad filmvalas.

        Xpert disc washing soap.                   Chrom Pictures

        Nisha Basmati rice                             Azmi Pictures.

        Avantika  art & culture magazine       Azmi Pictures.

        Nassaka water purifier                       Azmi Pictures.

        Youva Tea                                         Raj Laxmi Film Productions.

        ‘G 5 Mobile’                                       Raj Laxmi Film Productions.

        ‘Lovely Profesional University’.          Raj Laxmi Film Productions.

         Sundaram note book                        Raj Laxmi Film Productions.

         Lay's chips                                       shot in 35mm

         D'damas jwellery                              shot in 35mm         etc.

Feature films.


      ' Masti ki Pathsala'       - Awesome Film productions  (to be release shortly)

      ' Gunday and Gudiya'  - Anupam Kher productions (as 2nd Unit DOP)

      ' SHORGUl'                    - 24 FPS films (as 2nd Unit DOP)

      ' Teenage Love'            -  (shooting continuing)


 As Associate DOP

      ‘Blue Mountain’                - Jeevan dhara production                  - Super 35 & 4K RAW 

      ‘Delhi Khabar’                  - Mad Middas Production                    - HD

      ‘Mr. Singh Mrs. Meheta’  - (Medient corporation shot in UK)      - Super 16

      ‘Bandu Boxer’                  -  A Children’s Film -(Asang Prod.)     - Cinemascope

      ‘Mile Na Mile Hum’           - (Maverick production)                      - Super 35.

      'Kabootar'                         - Anubhav sinha production               - 35 mm

      ‘To Paain’                         - Odia feature film                              - Cinemascope

      'SAVAT'                            - Marathi feature film                          - Super 16              etc.

Short Films: ( as DOP )

      “ CONESTY ”           - ‘Azmi Pictures pvt. Ltd’.- shot in HD (Won Golden Camera Award as best film at NIFF 2012, Best short film in MSIFF 2012)

      “ No Tabaco”           - ‘Rajlaxmi Film Productions’   - shot in HD

      " Love Creats Life''  - Raw Age Movies                   - shot in HD.    etc.

Corporate films & Documentary films :  ( as DOP )

       "Suzlon 20 years" A corporate film for Suzlon group   - Squarepeg films production

       '' Relive happiness'' A short film for Yatra .com           - Squarepeg films production

       '' We Care'' A corporate film for Ambuja cement         - Squarepeg films production

       A corporate HR  film for Ambuja cement                     - Squarepeg films production

       A corporate HR  film for                             - Tale smith production

       " Smile Exchange" A short film for             - Tale smith production

       SMI Corporate Film                                                    - Tale smith production 

       A Corporate film of “MERK” an US company, produces signing pigments for cosmetics.

       A Corporate film of  “Welinkar Institute of Management” Mumbai.

      “Retail Guru”   -  A corporate film of Dainik Jagaran news paper.     

       A scientific film on internal tagging of fish for CIFA (Central Institute of Fresh Water & Aqua Culture)

       A scientific film about Rice production for CRRI. (Central Rice Research Institute) 

       A Corporate film of  “SRA" (Slum Rehabilitation Authority) Mumbai.

       A Documentary film  on “AJANTA Cave" for NUS Museum Singapore.

       'Beautiful Lifes' an entertaining documentary based on monkeys.   

       A documentary film on Kalinga Baliyatra.                 etc…

TV shows .

   As DOP

      'Ek Boond Isque'       (BBC India Pvt. ltd)                         For Life OK.           ( as additional cinematographer)

   As associate DOP

      ‘Satyamev Jayate’     (Amir Khan Production)                  For Star Plus.        

      ‘Kurukhetra’               (ASA Vikram Vatt production)         For Airtel .              

      ‘Maykee Se Bandhi DOR’ (U -TV production)                   For Star Plus.       

      'Crime patrol'             (Cinevista Production)                     For Sony.              

      ‘Kohinoor'                  (Cinevista Production)                      For Sahara One.   

       Ugesh Sarkar Magic show  (Promotion prod.)                  U -TV program     

       MIX HUNGAMA        (Musical program)                            DD-National.         

       Savitri                       (Flying Turtles Films)                        Life OK                 etc.

Technical Proficiency:

 Familiar with almost all Digital & Film Formats.

    - Digital Movie Cameras  : ARII Alexa, RED Epic, Dragon, MX, Black magic, Canon- C500, C300, 5D.

                                              Sony -FS7, F5, F55, F65, Panasonic-P2. etc.

      Celluloid Film Cameras : ARRI- 535, 435, 235, 416, 16-SR-3 etc.    

   - Operate cameras by Tripod, Dolly Panther, Track & Trolly, Crane & Hand held shots.

   - Specialist in lighting on real location as well as on set.

   - Interactive lighting for Com-positing & Animation purpose.

   - Lighting with intelligent lights with Lighting console.

   - Knowledge of CCU, Wave from monitor, Vector-scope in PCR.

   - Knowledge of 3D film making and stereoscope shooting. 


Post production Skills

                              - Knowledge of  Color Correction in DI.

                              - CG lighting in Autodesk Maya.

                              - Compositing in Adobe After Effects.

                              - Editing in FCP & Adobe Premiere.

                              - Adobe Photoshop                 etc..

  Other skills           

  - Painting & sketching for story board in pre-production.